Hodgdon 2012 reloading manual 260 remington

Hodgdon load data also lists the 160 gr hornady rn at 43gr with h4350. The 260 doesnt have the huge long throat problem that the 6. Youll also find data for hodgdons popular, new cfe223 reducedfouling powder cfe223 load info has been added for 19 more cartridges. I bought a second hand lee turrt to do this on, so i didnt have to move the brass after the initial small base sizing. Remington 9 12 260 remington cartridge load data starting loads maximum loads. Dec 19, 2012 the 20 annual reloading manual is the 10th consecutive from hodgdon ammoland inc. I am loading for a 260 remington, using lapua brass, cci200 primers, and hornady 129 grain bullets. Superformance is not some black magic powder that can only be loaded by. Then select your bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. Winchester 748 is a ball powder and the choice for loading 223 remington cartridges. Take aim at rifle reloading data hodgdon reloading. Loadbooks usa 260 remington rifle reloading manual permanent link to product page.

May 04, 20 to the op, what does your reloading manual say. For the most comprehensive up to date reload data, including the most recent new caliber. The new vihtavuori reloading guide 22002 for centerfire ammunition is an updated version of. Impossible powder charge in 260 rem gun and game the. Guide to imrs enduron powders what you need to know. Along with the other thread asking for the best bullet weight for the 260 rem, i am curious what people are finding as the best powders for the 260 rem with the 120 gr bullet weights.

The 20 annual reloading manual is the 10th consecutive. The new 20 annual hodgdon reloading manual the 10th annual edition has just been released. Many of the articles in the 2010 hodgdon annual manual spotlight the spectacular new varmint, match powder, imr 8208 xbr. Has exceptional range of loading data on almost all the cartridges available in the u. Tiny differences in body dimensions notwithstanding the important difference is in the throat and lead sections of the chamber with. I shot the rifle yesterday after breaking in the barrel.

Whether its 10mm or 50 bmg, you can find it for sale at midsouth. Using bullets from nosler ballistic tip spitzer or partition spitzer. So whether youre at the range, on the sporting clays course or in the. It is strongly advised that one set of load data developed for a specific barrel is not applicable to any other barrel, and that attempting to ignore. If varget is listed start 10% down from max and work up a load. H414 should work it is in the same burn rate as the 4350s. Using bullets from hornady vmax, barnes xfb, sierra hpbt, speer sp, nosler part, nosler ab, hornady rn. The 2012 hodgdon reloading manual is out archive cast. Posted on december 19, 2012 december 19, 2012 by ammoland hodgdon 20 annual reloading manual hodgdon powder.

Too fast means you will reach a peak pressure before achieving velocities slower powders can. A quick look at the accompanying chamber specs show the differences quit clearly. Data is listed for most popular rifle, pistol, and shotshell cartridges. I have used 100 btips and bluedot at 2500 fps for some very accurate, relatively quiet, mildrecoiling loads. It has a 26 obermyer barrel and the velocities that he has been able to achieve with a 140 amax are remarkable. I deprimed, then swaged the primer pocket, and sized it in 2 steps. It does not like 23 of the loads suggested by hodgdon reloading. Looking for the page from the new hornady manual that is for the. Part of the stock was actually rotted away from a liberal application of some sort of penetrating oil.

Three powder reloading manuals in one reload data from three powder companies is included in this one reloading manual. If you dont know how to inturpret the pressure signs, then you shouldnt be reloading anyway. Only lees second edition loading manual seems to approach it in comprehensiveness. Max is 41 grs with 140 nosler partition and my lyman manual says start is 39 grs and max is 43 grs with 140 amax. Load data daily bulletin accurate shooter bulletin. Hodgdon, imr, and winchester smokeless propellants. I was planning to load a ladder of charges, starting at 47 grains and growing to 49.

It provides top performance in big game cartridges such as 2506, 280 remington and 300 winchester magnum. It is also ideal for a wide variety of centerfire rifle loads, including 222 remington, 3030 winchester, 30 winchester, and up to 458 winchester magnum. Just remembered this, that even with my modest reloading of about 100 rounds a week, i have seen a great differance between some peoples rounds trying h414 and w760. It was chambered with a ptg 260 remington reamer by criterion. That produced the tightest group, but it was only getting me. I dont have the data handy but can get it if you are interested. The 260 remington is essentially the old wildcated 6. I recommend you abandon the n150 for now and go straight to h4350. If youre unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as youd like. All the loads in this guide are pressured according to the cip method. Select a powder alliant rl15 hodgdon benchmark hodgdon blc 2 hodgdon cfe 223 hodgdon h322 hodgdon h335 hodgdon h414 hodgdon h4198 hodgdon h4895 hodgdon varget imr 3031 imr 4007 ssc imr 4064 imr 4166 imr 4198 imr 4320 imr 4895 imr 8208 xbr winchester 748 winchester 760.

It is impossible to say who first came up with the idea of necking the 308 winchester down to accept a. N3 a choice of many bench rest and standard rifle shooters who are using 6 mm ppc. It had quite a few dents and scratches in the stock. Extensive reloading information is included in this manual with popular cartridges such as the 17 remington, 223 remington, 204 ruger, 6ppc, 308 winchester, 338 federal and. Hodgdons 2011 annual reloading manual is the authority. I shoot the exact numbers in the hodgdon load manual for the 140 gr. Cfe 223 introduced in january 2012, this versatile, spherical rifle propellant incorporates in. It is just a ball powder so you might want to try mag primers. The 280 remington is a great cartridge and since youre going to reload for it, factory ammo selection doesnt matter one bit. Hodgdon powder company cartridge load recipe report 3152011 data. Need help with ar10 260rem reloading shooters forum.

The manual now contains over 5000 loads, with updates for 37 rifle and pistol cartridges. The winchester western ammunition manual1964 hodgdons reloading data manual1970 hercules smokeless powder guide1976 speer manual for reloading. I think you have to read between the lines on the published data sometimes. Written by sierra bullets technician rich machholz physically these two cartridges are identical with only the headstamp alluding to anything being different. Posted in load data, reloading tagged 224 valkyrie, 224 valkyrie update, free load data, load data, valkyrie update. Powders include accurate, hodgdon, alliant, vihtavuori, imr, ramshot, winchester. That produced the tightest group, but it was only getting me to 2560 fps with the 20 barrel on my model seven. This magazinestyle publication is jam packed with hodgdon, imr, and winchester brand powder and reloading information. Jun 10, 2016 this powder is comparable to hodgdon h4350. I picked up a nib sako 75 from a gentlemen near me, chambered in 260 rem. Maybe they are afraid it will steer people away from the cm cartridge of theirs. Will pick one up when i get to town but my manual is older and does not include this data. From firstquality brass, to bullets and wads precisionengineered to the highest standards, to the industrys most advanced primers and percussion caps remington components give you the edge to develop your best loads for your favorite pursuit. This manual has a wide variety of pistol and rifle cartridge reloading data with well over 5,000 loads.

Outstanding performance in the 300 winchester magnum, 7mm remington. If varget is not listed for that bullet then it is practically not suitable. I then loaded the remington 140gr coreloke bullets and reloader19 powder and the rifle was shooting moa. Hodgdon now offers a searchable reloading data center with reloading info for. Cfe223 introduced in january 2012, this versatile, spherical rifle propellant incorporates in. I have been reloading for quite sometime and have the experience needed.

The lowflame temperature extends barrel life compared to other similar speed powder. Get the complete source for reloading with hodgdon s 2018 annual manual. The press you bought is a good one and straightwalled pistol reloading is a good way to get your feet wet. Burning rate is close to hodgdon h322 and accurate 2230. I have been reloading 308 win, 270 win, 7mm mag and 223 rem. The following data was developed in a ruger m77 rifle. He discusses problems encountered and solved in tuning loads and preparing cases to ensure proper functioning in the directimpingement ar10 as well as getting good accuracy. To help answer those questions, heres a short feature we first ran during shot show 2012. We got the rifle second hand, it was in 243 winchester caliber. Using bullets from hornady vmax, barnes xfb, sierra hpbt, speer sp, nosler part, nosler ab. Since i am a huge fan or hodgdon powders, this manual helps me determine the right reload for my favorite cartridge, quickly and easily. The 20 annual reloading manual is the 10th consecutive from hodgdon ammoland inc. I shoot both and the 260 remington outperforms the 6.

Appreciate if anyone could take a photo and send it to me or post. The bullet is 142 sierra mk, primer wolf lr, powder h4350 43. Reloading manual 5th edition test specifications components firearm used. To complicate matters, the velocities and trajectories of the 125, 150 and 165grain bullets offered in.

I have been reloading for my son,s remington model 7 and have noticed that his rifle likes the 140gr bullets much better than the 120125gr bullets. Reloading data from three hodgdon, imr and winchester. Get the complete source for reloading with hodgdons 2018 annual manual. I am thinking something in the rate like n150 but i am curious to hear what people are finding that works well and provides consistent accuracy not just a great 5 shot groupe here and there.

The 20 annual reloading manual is the 10th consecutive from. I tried 125gr nosler partitions with w760 powder but the groups were in the 1. Includes pressure data in most cases, and a larger range of bullet weights for each cartridge. The 260 ackley improved is based on the 260 remington case, hodgdon reloading manual, berger vld hunting 260 remington shooting times this is an article from shooting times magazine about the. When i do feel the need to cast for the 260, i will probably buy the 6. Get current hodgdon and imr loads at reloading data center access hodgdon and imr load data in reload data center new 2012 hodgdon reloading manual coming soon. Hodgdon powder, imr powder and winchester powder expressly disclaim any and all warranties with respect to any and all products sold or distributed by them, the safety or suitability thereof, or the results obtained including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose andor any. Select your cartridge type from the drop down list. The latest in reloading, straight to your inbox keep uptodate on new products, trends and tips from the leader in reloading. Oct, 2010 hodgdons 2011 annual reloading manual is the authority. A few years ago when 260 brass was unobtainium i made 1k ftom lc 308. Powders include imr, hodgdon, alliant, vihtavuori, ramshot, accurate, winchester. While it deals with 308 win, i highly recommend reading the article lane pearce wrote for the hodgdon 2014 annual reloading manual.

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