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She loves freddie mercury and aspires to write stories that make people smile. Whether or not keanu reeves is immortal remains to be seen but for now we. It wouldnt surprise me, if keanu had grey hair in his twenties, lol. Apr 10, 2016 heres keanu reeves message on living life to the fullest. I dont know about you but sci fi movies are my favourite and im also a. If keanu reeves did not dye his hair, he would look like every other person his age, apart from being in good shape. Perhaps you find the idea of keanu reeves as an immortal being as ridiculous and convoluted as the plot of the matrix sequels, but this theory is no laughing matter. Nor is looking like he doesnt know where he is, although his initially nonplussed halffrown fits the role well. Apr 06, 2015 keanu reeves true tragic story in 1999, keanu reeves became most famous for his role in the groundbreaking science fiction film, the matrix. Keanu reeves in a nightwalker who will never age, until.

Mar 18, 2016 even when times are tough, we can remember the things in life that are really important. Aside from the striking resemblance, there are sevaral facts that without any reasonable doubt shows that paul mounet is keanu reeves. He then went on to star in several films, including 1909s macbeth he lived a. He crashes weddings and stops to chat to airline employees. He was a doctor first and then an actor, the rise of the medical science couldve been a problem to an immortal, by becoming a baron of the medicine he gained protection from any kind of inquiry about his everlasting appearance. Keanu reeves addresses those immortality rumors video. In 2017, keanu reeves held an ama ask me anything session on reddit. Keanu reeves is the actor behind many successful movies, with perhaps the most famous being the matrix series of movies. Conspiracy theory about keanu reeves being immortal. He has enjoyed a long career in films and when looking back at his old photographs and movies it really does seem that time has frozen or him, in other words, he is immortal. Keanu reeves is immortal keanu reeves is widely known to be one of the nicest, most generous actors in hollywood.

The entity we know as nicolas cage is immortal, and quite possibly a vampire. After dropping out of school at 17 to focus on acting, reeves made his film. He is often perceived as enigmatic, zenlike, and mysterious. See more ideas about keanu reeves, keanu charles reeves and. The immortal was born on september 2, 1964, in beirut, lebanon.

Keanu reeves has been wearing the same outfit for 25. For those who have watched and enjoyed the matrix movies, you know exactly who keanu reeves is. The tragic and inspiring story of keanu reeves revealed. And though, like any other human being, keanu reeves probably isnt perfect, he sets a great example of overcoming adversity and focusing on the things that matter. This archive is the result of the combined efforts of keanu fans through the ages. He started acting in theatre productions, and in television films before making his mainstream film debut in youngblood 1986. Keanu reeves turns 51 years young today september 2, and what better way to celebrate his birthday by honoring his best character ever. With keanu reeves, michael nyqvist, alfie allen, willem dafoe. Oct 10, 2017 at comic con in new york city last week, keanu reeves was on hand to drum up excitement about his new flick replicas and, we assume, answer a lot of john wickrelated questions. In response to the allegations that hes immortal, keanu could only say. During the usual talk show banter, fallon introduced the veteran movie star to the longstanding notion that reeves is a host, for some otherworldly immortal force. Keanu reeves has been wearing the same outfit for 25 years gq.

Keanu reeves reacting to the keanu reeves is immortal. The 51 year old is definitely growing old gracefully and while some cynics argue that its just down to good genes and good doctors, many believe the rumors to the contrary. Several internet eons ago in 2011, a man emerged from the depths of the abyss bringing secret, dangerous knowledge. The matrix is an american media franchise created by the wachowskis. The whole truth is a 2016 american thriller film directed by courtney hunt and written by nicholas kazan. Keanu reeves style evolution, from grunge heartthrob to ageless wonder celebrities woman keanu reeves as john constantine, i thought he pulled it off. The best keanu reeves role is the one you dont know about. Sep 14, 2019 explore paulajphelpss board my keanu reeves. Plus there is only a limited amount of variables to make the human face, and its features. Born in beirut, reeves grew up in toronto, ontario. Mar 10, 2018 theres a new conspiracy theory about keanu reeves being immortal and were really confused sunaina mullick updated.

The best keanu reeves role is the one you dont know about mtv. The saddest story youll ever read is the life of keanu reeves january 14, 2019. Conspiracy theory thursday keanu reeves is immortal. Keanu reeves has been asked about the theory that hes immortal. Keanu reeves has been asked about the theory that hes. Keanu reeves was born in beirut, lebanon to an english mother and an american father.

No matter what they think of his acting, everyone seems to love keanu reeves. Keanu reeves addresses those immortality rumors with jimmy. Daniel craig was originally set to star since january 2014. A subreddit for posts of keanu reeves being awesome. The longawaited keanu reeves fronted game cyberpunk 2077 just received its esrb rating, and predictably, its m for mature. All topics related to atheism, agnosticism and secular living are welcome here. Keanu reeves addresses immortality rumors stranger. With the untimely death of his beloved wife still bitter in his mouth, john wick, the expert.

The mysterious, handsome and very unassuming actor of this fantastic scifi series. A film by isaiah berra, toni lavallie, and alexandra molten genre. Reeves gained recognition in his breakthrough role as ted theodore logan in. There is the misconception that he is not intelligent when in fact it is quite the opposite. Last year, all it took was a picture of the 46yearold sitting alone on a bench, morosely. When you think of the best reeves roles of all time, there. Keanu reeves reacting to the keanu reeves is immortal meme.

From here, keanu was ready to choose his own adventures. Instead of prosecuting trespassers in the 90s, for example, he cracked a beer with them. Discussion in movies started by baloobas, may 31, 2010. A few years earlier, we had already found out that another popular person we have come to call keanu reeves is equally ageless, having lived throughout the ages under various guises that include. Search, watch, and cook every single tasty recipe and video ever all in one place. Keanu reeves is immortal hilarious reaction to him being an. Keanu reeves is an actor whose meme presence is almost. Keanu reeves has talked about the amazing theory hes immortal. Proof that keanu reeves is the nicest man in hollywood duration. His most recent appearance was at e3 electronic entertainment expo, the worlds top video game conference, as he is appearing in the new game.

Craig was replaced by keanu reeves in june on july 10, 2014, jim belushi joined the cast of the film to play mikes father, and zellweger would play his mother. Religion was not much a part of keanus life growing upthough he. Keanu reeves is immortal a vampire investigation youtube. Of parthawaiian heritage on his fathers side, kinu translates from hawaiian to english as cool breeze over the mountains. Jun 15, 2011 w hen it comes to concern for the wellbeing of the wellknown, keanu reeves is in a class of his own. Aug 28, 2003 keanu reevesmessage board for keanu reeves fanatics powered by akbbs 1. An alist actor who shot to stardom after his movie speed became a classic favorite among audiences in the mid 1990s. Keanu reeves has always been one of the coolest dudes in hollywood.

Jun 29, 2017 keanu reeves appeared on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon last week. He is often jokingly considered immortal because of how little his appearance changed over the decades, and also because of striking resemblance to paul mounet, a 19thcentury french actor, and vlad the impaler or vlad dracula. Heres my opportunity to show everyone how current my knowledge of popculture is. But its the explanation of the rating thats raising a couple of eyebrows namely, that you can customize your characters genitals on the surface, its easy to just dismiss this as being another feature for pervy gamers out there. Dec 31, 2017 with movies like the matrix, speed, john wick, and several others, keanu reeves has become one of the top actors in hollywood. Best known for his lead roles in hit films speed and the matrix, actor keanu reeves was born in beirut, lebanon in 1964. Welcome to ratheism, the webs largest atheist forum. Before keanu reeves hit boxoffice gold with the matrix trilogy. The clip melds footage from the keanu reevesstarring john wick film with. Conspiracy theory thursday keanu reeves is immortal popdust. Hes the peoples prince who has suffered royal pains. Keanu reeves is immortal keanu reeves, keanu reeves.

He reads voraciously, can quote shakespeare from memory, and seems to be genuinely. The saddest story youll ever read is the life of keanu reeves. Since posting my original investigation into the nature of the keanu reeves, ive come upon another potential theory. Heres keanu reeves message on living life to the fullest. The films focus on the plight of neo keanu reeves, trinity carrieanne moss, and. His father left the family when keanu was quite young and his mother subsequently married four times. Classic 80s keanu reeves photo takes on a new life photos so reeves doesnt outright state whether or not he is an immortal vampire, but he did say he had heard of the rumor before. I cant even remember the question he was responding to but his answer started with hehehe. In reeves case, the finders were happy to create a batshitcrazy theory about his immortality.

Found a pretty neat quote by keanu reeves, the immortal neo himself. The film was released in a limited release and through video on demand on january 22, 2016, by lionsgate premiere. Keanu reeves has supported stand up 2 cancer su2cin the past so i have. Keanu reeves addresses immortality rumors stranger dimensions. Keanu reeves is a canadian actor best known for films such as speed, point break, and the matrix. You know, cause everyones always talking about how bad of an actor he is, so my joke will immediately click with the average ats member.

This curious legend of the immortal keanu first appeared on october, 2009, when a youtube channel uploaded the following video. The unknown inspiring story of keanu reeves the true tragedy for the story of keanu reeves is that his intellect is far superior to our generalized idea of him. Exposed originally titled daughter of god is a 2016 american thriller film, written and directed by gee malik linton credited as declan dale, in his directorial debut. Can you guess which keanu reeves is older keanu reeves. You probably know every word of smash mouths all star, and with as. Hair stylist, give me the snape keanu reeves obsessed with travel. That, while he may very well be immortal, this is only a side effect of the fact that he is, in all actuality, the one.

Although you were blessed with immortality, you had to suffer through things we cannot imagine. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with bring me. It claims that mounet actually died under unusual circumstances, and that no body was ever recovered. Theres a crack in everything, thats how the light gets in cohen. The film stars keanu reeves, gabriel basso, gugu mbatharaw, renee zellweger, and jim belushi. Please respect the wishes of the narrator and stop asking who it is.

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