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Tried the b product because it was touted as cleaner and lubricantpreservative. Victorianera british arms, accoutrements, and military history. A veteran whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve is someone who at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to. Hoppes solvent mentioned is practically the same as the above. Save 10% on hoppe s products through may exclusions apply learn more about our covid19 plan.

We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. The iconic cleaning compound resulted from the collaboration of a shooter and a chemist. Leading in henry barrel page 2 british militaria forums. Vintage old hoppes no 9 gun solvent cleaner amber bottle with cork top and original box the bottle is in great condition with maybe a few scratchesthe paper label very well intact with some creasing, stains, paint wear and very little tears. In 1903, frank august hoppe mixed nine chemicals and created the most potent guncleaning solvent. But things change over the years and most such stuff has gotten milder. Shop and find gun cleaners and lubricants to keep your gun at the top of its game. Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the hoppes surname lived. The synthetic blend is a non toxic, ammonia free cleaner that is much less corrossive and not as likely to damage non metallic materials. Overland park, ks in 1903, when frank hoppe developed a mix of 9 different ingredients to create the original hoppes no. And that is sort of the reason i posed this question. Hoppes 9 elite gun cleaning kit gun bore cleaner and lubricant oil with 14.

Hoppes pcob hoppes pcob all caliber pistol cleaning kitcontains hoppes no. Hoppes universal gun cleaning accessory kit the universal gun cleaning accessory kit includes a threepiece universal aluminum cleaning rod. It works better than or as good as any other solvent on the market today. An actual nitro solvent like hoppes, or better yet, shooters choice, is nice when a gun is really fouled up, but for routine cleanings, the clps do a decent job. The feed ramp of the barrel had developed a brass stain brass filings i guess. This is far from the only innovation hoppes has brought to the market over the years, but the classic solvent still holds a special place in. It is also the brand my father and his father before him used to clean their shotguns. This cleaner can rapidly remove primer, powder, lead and metal fouling to help prevent rust and has a freeflowing formula that penetrates quickly. I guess that the few patches of hoppes that i put through the bore in the 1960s had indeed neutralized the corrosive ammo. We kid you not bushnells product press release declared.

I have a p226 which have fired around 1400 rounds through. Is it ok to use hoppes 9 to clean the entire glock. Hatcher reported the analysis of hoppes no 9, pre ww ii to be ammonium oleate 16% neutral saponifiable oil 24% nitrobenzine 6% light mineral oil kerosene and amyl acetate 54% which is pretty close to your recipe. Hoppes hunting gun cleaning solvents for sale ebay. You dont have to wait three or four days for results anymore.

The united states of america, for an amount of up to, and including his life. Townsend whelen wrote about the necessity for and the creation of hoppes no. Gun oil solvent collectible glass bottle advertising. Hoppes 9 nitro powder solvent 2 oz bottle 902 is the most universally used solvent for removing primer, powder, lead and metal fouling for preventing rust. It will eventually turn brass case ammo green, but it positively will not harm the gun it is in if left forever. The cork is a little worn with a few pieces out from age wear. Hazardous or flammable materials cannot ship ups red air or international. To be fair its not the best cleaner on the market, but it. He hunts, but my objective is basic plinking with the guns and to preserve enfields or. The ar platform are generally comprised of alloy receivers, chrome lined barrels, carrier groups and etc. Did not care for smell and cleaning action was less than spectacular. You want to make sure not to let it sit on non metallic parts as it can cause damage to those parts.

But to me, solvent means cleaner no residue and lube means residue. Ammonia definitely deteriorates chrome and aluminum. When my dad died in the early 80s, i stopped shooting for a long time. Hoppes has a long tradition of giving hunters and shooters the gun care accessories they need for the highest level of performance. Concluded id rather add a little oil as final step with hoppes than deal with bad smell of ballistol. Brett and kate mckay, authors of the book the art of manliness list hoppes no. Gun writer warren page recommends leaving the bore wet with hoppes for a day or two before running a patch through it. For some its a sacred ritual after every trip to the range or field, and for others its a chore thats completed as quickly as possible. I just removed froglube and decided to go back to a regular cleaner and oil. This safe and rapidly effective formula contains no abrasives that can harm your barrel.

Hoppes hoppes 9 gun cleaning solvent, hoppes gun care. All pistol calibers warranted against manufacturers defects. Save 10% on hoppes products through may exclusions apply learn more about our covid19 plan. G96 gun product is the best singleproduct clp ive run across. When i took it out again, the bore still looked crappy. The best stuff ive found is like i said in my prior post is hoppes elite bore gel its exactly the same as mpro 7, i was originally designed for. Powder solvent comparison break free clp and ballistol vs. The bottle is amber glass and features a bright yellow lid and label with red and black accents. In 1903, when frank hoppe developed a mix of 9 different ingredients to create the original hoppes no. As far as the cleaner part, my question is about hoppes 9, it says its a bore cleaner, can i use it to clean the entire slide and outside the barrel and the frame or is it only for the bore. Cleans bores and prevents rust in rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers. Look at the comparison testing by independent guys on.

Its revolutionary formula was inspired by one soldier, frank august hoppe, who, with nine chemicals, made sure his rifle would always perform its best. Ohio had the highest population of hoppes families in 1840. This is a vintage hoppes trade nitro powder solvent no 9 bottle by frank a hoppe div. Hoppes gun oil liquid 2oz synthetic blend gun oil 10box bottle 1003g. Townsend whelen in the american rifle 1918, chapter 42, gives a similar description of hoppes no. The hoppes 9 is the original formula with ammonia that is highly corrossive. Insert, zip and store your firearm for the ultimate protection. A buddy who appears to always do everything exactly by the book he was a pilot evaluator stan.

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