Remington 870 tb trap value book

I have no opportunity to try before i buy, but based on reading the specs it seems to have all the things i like. In january, remington introduced a 12 gauge model 1100 tb trap gun in right and lefthand versions, with select american walnut in regular trap or monte carlo style stock, rubber recoil pad, and ventilated rib. Remington 870 wingmaster hunting shotgun stocks for sale in. Double action bars provide not only strength and longevity. This little shotgun makes for a great home defense gun. What is a remington wingmaster 12 gauge model 870 shotgun. The 870 tc 1950 1980 or so and the 870 tc trap 1987 t0 1990 plus have significant differences.

This is a pump action trap shotgun chambered in 12 ga. The 870 even the cheapest express works very well for trap. The thing is, a remington warranty gunsmith told me that the tbs had mod trap or modified trap on the barrels. Remington serialbarrel number lookup remington 870. I have been using the modified choke in this short shotgun. The receiver says tb on it and it has nicer figured wood than regular wingmasters. Hello, i am considering purchase of a remington 870 tb wingmaster trap, and i was just wondering where i could go to check the value of the gun compared to what the seller asks for. Bobs gun parts shop, bobs gun shop, po box 200 royal ar 71968. Remington 870 wingmaster classic trap 12ga, 30 inch, rem. Theres tons of remington 870 parts to browse from, so shop today with numrich. I am still working on the zeroing in process, but this book explains it really well for me. Having shot an 870 express for roughly 20 years of hunting and being relatively new to trap shooting i was looking for a shotgun that would make the transition to the trap field as seamless as possible. I am interested in buying a remington model 870 all. The shotgun is a 12ga for 2 34 shells, blueing is 99% perfect as best i can tell, the wood is without marring with a high gloss, and the serial number is 1078827v.

It will show you date of manufacture of your firearm. This was the most userfriendly shotgun ever made, long before the term. Remington 870 wingmaster pump shotgun sure as autumn arrives, the model 870. The wood has beautiful figure with just a few minor marks and come clear finished flacking at the grip. If it has a monte carlo stock and shoots a little higher than you like, you can find a flatparallel trap stock that may lower it for you. Im fairly new to purchasing firearms and not sure where the best resources are. Shooters choice used shotguns shooters choice pro shop. This is an excellent condition 870 wingmaster trap 12 gauge. Buy this nice barely used classic piece of trap shooting history. That is around the top end of the 870 range and the new version next to it retail was a. Im new to trap and this was only my second time out but i like the 1100 so far. John pedersen designed the fragile remington model 10 and later the improved remington model 29.

January 18, 20 thank you for your interest in our firearms appraisal service. Remington shotguns pump for sale guns international. In fact, the primary features that make the remington 870 distinctive go all the way back to the very first 1950 models. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at. Remington 870 wingmaster 12 gauge 30 barrel full choke. The classic trap models ive seen have really nice wood and are finished very nicely, way above par for noncustom shop remingtons these days though similar to a basemodel. The remington 870 is a great allaround gun, including trap shooting.

It has seen a little use, but has been well taken care of exhibiting a beautiful shiny bore. Collecting 870 shotguns remington society of america. Remington 1148 automatic shotgun parts,remington 1100 shotgun parts remington pump 870 shotgun parts. Finals trap men 2015 issf shotgun world championship in lonato ita duration. An 870 tb was my first trap gun, and i still have it. Discussion in shooting related threads started by smokn joe, sep 27, 2010. It is in excellent lightly used condition and comes with a 30 in barrel with trap rib, 4 choke tubes and wrench. The older 870 ta, tb and tc nomenclature meant an 870 with trap dimensions. Almost immediately, i was introduced to the shotgun and became a pro at disassembly and cleaning. It is very easy to use, it uses information from the remington company. As said, any 870 stock will fit on a tb or tc model.

We are offering for sale a remington wingmaster model 870 tb. Remington 870 tb 870tb trap 12 gauge 30in description. Definitely use it for some trap trapskeet is a great way to really get comfortable with shotguns and improve your accuracy, but i might look for another 870 express or mossberg 500 for a real user anything from squirrel and rabbit to. The concept of pump shotguns certainly wasnt a new thing. This remington model 870 magnum special purpose is a right hand action 12 ga. According to page 1295 of, the blue book of gun values, 26th edition, the remington 870 tb trap was discontinued in 1981. Remington 870 wingmaster pump shotgun sportsmans warehouse. I have a remington 870 express magnum womansyouth 20 gauge i have been trap shooting with and averaging 2223 out of 25. Issf international shooting sport federation 172,752 views. Introduced in 2000 as a special anniversary edition of the worlds best selling pump shotgun, the model 870 wingmaster classic trap has returned as a regular member of the model 870 family. The remington 870 was the fourth major design in a series of remington pump shotguns. Looking for opinions on the remington 870 for beginner trap. Great deals on remington 870 wingmaster hunting shotgun stocks.

I am looking to get into the sport at an affordable price, and considering this model. It has beautiful wood as seen and a 28in vent rib modified barrel. Mind you, it is an 870 tactical with magpul furniture, accessories, ghost ring sights, light, rail and so on with light wear. All available remington arms company shotgun repair parts. The tc of that time came with choice of conventional or montecarlo stock, semifancy to fancy wood with cut checkering. In addition, remington also reintroduced the model 870 express small gauge gun in 20 ga. I also have a small scar on my right cheek, about the size of a dime, where it rubbed me raw over the years.

All available remington arms company shotgun repair. Remington serial numbers located on receiver of your shotgun or rifle. Even if youre a veteran with shooter a collection of remington firearms, take the time to read this literature. Anybody have any thoughts on the remington 870 wingmaster classic trap.

Barrel was replaced with a 28 screw in choke version before i bought it. Price guide for remington model 870, 12 gauge, bicentennial. I am interested in selling or trading this little jewel and would like an idea as to its value. Please contact or visit our retail stores for ammo and accessory prices and availability.

Remington 1100 trap gun and game the friendliest gun. This is another one of those target guns like the remington 1100 classic trap that is a mantle piece gun in my opinion. Manufacturertrademark remington modelconfiguration. Download your free storm tactical printable target pack 62 printable moa targets with dot drills rifle range in yards this impressive target pack from our friends at storm tactical contains 62 printable targets for rifle and handgun range use. Modern gun values, 15th edition, lists the remington tb trap value as.

To determine the exact value of a remington wingmaster 20 gauge model 870, a few different things would need to be taken into consideration. What is the price of a remington wingmaster 870 tb 12. Look no further numrich gun parts is the worlds largest supplier of gun parts and has everything you need to complete your repair. February 17, 20 thank you for your interest in our firearms appraisal service. It had a spacer between the recoil pad and stock, but was pretty well done. While you may take it out and shoot it every once in awhile its to nice to be an every day gun.

I for sale by shooting investments on gunsamerica 908370044. Tb wood is press checkered, tc is cut and usually a higher grade of wood. Remington 870 wingmaster the firearms forum the buying. Remington 700, 870 or 1100 serialbarrel number lookup will work with remington 700, 870 or any other remington shotgun or rifle. What is the value of a remingtom wingmaster model 870. Being a new owner of a remington 870, i found this book to be a lifesaver. Remington super cell recoil pad 870 1100 1187 12 gauge with wood. Remington 870, 700, 1100 serialbarrel number lookup. The information you provided was used to properly identify the information below. Like the tb, trap grade 870 made in the 1960s and 70s. Remington automatic model 11 shotgun parts and stocks, remington automatic shotgun forends, remington arms. The a and b had pressed checkering while the c had cut checkering.

Remington model 870 tactical desert recon next step. Gun appears to be barely used in 98% condition conservatively. In fact, the 870 wingmaster was designed to replace another rugged remington pump shotgun, the model 31. Beautiful lightly used remington 870 tb wingmaster made in the 70s when remington made some of the best trap guns that could be bought and was the gun of choice be many top class shooters. Remington model 870 shotgun, past and present the truth. It has all the original 3 trap choke tubes and i would estimate 90% condition at minimum. Buy remington model 870 stocks factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including browning, winchester, fn america, beretta, benelli franchi, stoeger, remington, bushmaster, marlin, sig sauer, hk and many more.

Hi everyone, i just received a remington model 870 wingmaster from my grandmother, who shot skeet and trap with it. The 870 wingmaster classic trap did not disappoint. The proper use and performance of your firearm depends on correct assembly and maintenance, so its critical that you familiarize yourself with the information in this instruction book. The remington 870 wingmaster classic trap shotgun was released in the year 2000 as a special limited anniversary.

According to the blue book of gun values, the coding continues as follows. Custom style, fineline engraving was added to receiver panels of the remington model 870 wingmaster field, target and deer gun shotguns. This target gun features special fine line engraving with gold inlay on the polished blue receiver and a gold plated trigger. After trying for a while, i could never shoot my real trap gun bt99 as well and was eager to sell it. Here is the information you requested about your firearm firearm taken from. John browning designed the remington model 17 which was later adapted by ithaca into the ithaca 37, which served as the basis for the remington 31. If you run across one for sale they usually are around. I hate seeing great guns sit in a cabinet and never see the light of day, but i dont know that it would be my first choice for a real user. Remington serialbarrel number lookup remington model 870.

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