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There were also advanced urban centers in the indus valley from about 2500 bce, or even earlier, until 1500 bce. Dravidian folk religion wikimili, the best wikipedia reader. The first sacred writings of hinduism, which date to about 1200 bce, were primarily concerned with the ritual sacrifices associated with numerous gods. There is a distinct split between the original dravidian religions, which reject the aryan system, and the aryans, who to this day, continue to seek to dominate india. In the development of hinduism, the vedic gods lost their significance. Mar 17, 2015 hindu history the history of hinduism is unique among the world religions in that it has no founder or date of origin. Dravidian gods in modern hinduism study of local village deties of south india wilber theodore elmore 1915 addeddate 20200327 03. It makes no sense to talk in terms of indigenous and foreign when one is talking across such wide swaths of history. Hindu deities are the gods and goddesses in hinduism. If anyone puts together all aryan dravidian colouring of every aspect of india, those who read such writings will be admitted to hospital for mental patients. Dravidian linguistic influence on early vedic religion is evident. The plant has miracle lifesaving effect, so with modern life being as it is, the dravidians decide to pass on their traditional knowledge to be used its. Dravidian gods in modern hinduism 1915 edition open library. This is based upon a superficial identifi cation of deities with color i.

Are shiva, rama and krishna aryan or dravidian deities. Dravidian gods in modern hinduism chapter i the conquest of the dravidians the term dravidian is commonly used to refer to all of the nonaryan. May 11, 2018 hinduism teaches that there is one universal spirit called brahman. Evidence of hinduisms early antecedents is derived from archaeology, comparative philology, and comparative religion. The following thesis is a stu dy of the gods of dravidian origin which are fou nd in modern h induism. Parpolas new book successfully brings his many years of thinking and research into a coherent whole for the less scholarly reader. It should be noted at the outset, however, that this is chiefly a western difficulty. However, the structural make up of these temples is what sets them apart from one another michell 6186. A study of the local and village deities of southern india.

Indian ancient heritage and both vedic and dravidian people are of indian origin during last 10,000 years. Rc this paper examines the contributioil of the dravidiall peoples to the development of indian civilization and, more particularly, 11 indulsm. Dravidian gods in modern hinduism study of local village. Hinduism brahman, dharma, karma, and reincarnation. Apr 03, 2007 scholars dominated by the aryan dravidian racial idea have tried to make some hindu gods dravidian and other gods aryan, even though there has been no such division within hindu culture. The story goes like this, the sacred dravidian tribe, one of the most ancient tribes living in india, has protected the sanjeewani plant, since the time, when the gods lived on this earth. A study of the local and village deitites of southern india elmore, wilber theodore on. But the so called scholars did lot of mischief with hindu gods and hindu prophets. The earliest literary source for the history of hinduism is the rigveda, consisting of hymns that were composed chiefly during the last two or three centuries of. The worship of tutelary deities and sacred flora and fauna in hinduism is also. Jun 15, 20 religion in ancient times was a mixture of animistic beliefs of the pre dravidian tribes, shiva worship of dravidians, jain teachings that came down from the time of rishaba, the first tirthankara who lived about 9000 years ago and worship of nature gods of the aryans. List the three major gods of modern hinduism and give a brief description of each.

The early dravidian religion refers to a broad range of belief systems which existed in south. Us access only four great religions, four lectures delivered on the twentyfirst anniversary of the theosophical society at adyar, madras. Mar 15, 20 im a telugu and fully support the aryandravidian theory,and i consider my self as a dravidiandont try to eliminate the current south indians ancient identity by saying aryan dravidian. Elmore, dravidian gods in modern hinduism, aes, new delhi, 1984, p.

The marriage between siva and parvati, vishnu and lakshmi is considered as a kind merger or confluence between the aryans and dravidians. The rig veda, an ancient hindu scripture, records the destruction of harappa, then called hariyopiyah 5. Goddesses in the hindu tradition publikationsserver ub marburg. The worship of tutelary deities and sacred flora and fauna in hinduism is also recognized as a survival of the prevedic dravidian religion. All the books can be easily downloaded to a device of your choice in a convenient pdf or epub format or simply read online. Posts about aryan gods and dravidian gods written by tamil and vedas. They identified each hindu god with their skin colour and classified them as aryans or dravidians.

New gods like siva, vishnu, brahma attracted our mind and are highly venerated, says kailasapathy. The terms and epithets for deity within the diverse traditions of hinduism vary, and include deva, devi, ishvara, ishvari, bhagavan and bhagavati. Deities like indra, varuna, mithra, prajapathi, and mathresvan had lost the first place and were given the last place. List the three major gods of modern hinduism and give a brief. Dravidians had an advanced city culture more ancient than the aryans, who, as indian legends tell and some dispute, invaded india from central asia in several waves around 1500 bce. Free electronic library with classical and modern books, including dravidian gods in modern hinduism. A study of the local and village deities of southern india 1915. Wilber theodore elmore dravidian gods in modern hinduism a. A study of the local and village deities of southern india classic reprint elmore, wilber theodore on. Jun 26, 2015 the main purpose of the hindu temple was to create a link between persons and gods, and gave a site for gods to be seen by human beings. Nov 25, 2012 dravidian is the language of the indus writing article pdf available in current science 10310.

The dravidian contribution to the development of indian. Prefatory note the following thesis is a study of the gods of dravidian origin which are found in modern hinduism. They instead worship brahma, vishnu, and shiva, three gods that are different forms of brahman. Brahma, saraswati, lakshmi, vishnu, shiva, durga, harihara and ardhanarishvara. A study of the local and village deities of southern india by wilber theodore elmore topics. These are deliberate attempts to destabilize india and destroy hinduism. Brahma is the god of knowledge and the creator of the universe whose work is almost complete. Chapter 4, question 5 the three gods of modern hinduism are brahma, the creator of the universe. The worship of village deities, as well as sacred flora and fauna in hinduism is recognized as a survival of the prevedic dravidian religion. But here the term aryan was just coined by the british historians in order to divide and rule. Dravidian gods in modern hinduism free ebook download as pdf file. Any way, the very theory of aryan migration and invasion are myths propagated to divide indians. Many of the threads of hinduism may have existed in the religions practiced by the early dravidian peoples of india. The author has resided in india almost continu ously since.

Elmore, wilber theodore, dravidian gods in modern hinduism. Dravidian gods in modern hinduism pdf wilber theodore elmore dravidian gods in modern hinduism a study of the local and village deities of southern india. Dravidian gods in modern hinduism by wilber theodore elmore, 1915, the author edition, in english. True that the hindu religion presently most accepted, was developed through the vedic senses cultivated by the so called aryans. A question may arise whether the term hinduism refers to a doctrine like marxism, leninism, gandhism etc.

Amongst the names mentioned above, the names such as marxism, leninism, gandhism refer to the concepts connected with political agitations. The history of hinduism in india can be traced to about 1500 bce. Which religion did dravidians follow before the advent of. Hinduism can be regarded as a religious and cultural fusion 25 note 3 or synthesis 84 between ancient dravidians and indoaryans, and other local elements. Given the grand scope ofthis subject, i can only sketch. Professor elmore, in his able and most interesting book, dravidian gods in modern hinduism, criticizes the totemistic theory of the origin of the buffalo sacrifice, which is the most important of the sacrifices offered to the gramadevatas, on three grounds, mainly because the existing stories, current amongst the people. What has come to be called the hindu tradition is a rich fabric of civilization, including many hues and textures of religious life. Reflections on modernity pdf, future anterior, 4 1.

The reasons for this apparent neglect are not difficult to discover. Reprinted from the university studies of the university of nebraska, vol. Jan 16, 2008 hinduism was termed by britishers officially in 1830 a. Dravidian gods in modern hinduism internet archive. However vedic religion is 3000 years old maximum which is derived from european immigrants who came to this land of dravidian aborginals. Read book online now pdf download dravidian gods in modern hinduism. It is woven of the religious cultures and ways of many peoples, speaking many languages, and worshipping through many images of the divine. Given all this diversity, it is important to take care when generalizing about hinduism or hindu beliefs. While most major religions derive from new ideas taught by a charismatic leader, hinduism is simply the religion of the people of india, which has gradually developed over four thousand years. Krishna as black and therefore dravidian, which we have already shown the. Ebook social sciences sociology general, encyclopedias wilber theodore elmore. The roots of hinduism run many thousands of years and miles across history.

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